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DFC Workshop on the new administrative and financial requirements (26/04/2013)

Due to the new administrative and financial requirements to projects under the (Pilot) Research Cooperation Programme (RCP) a workshop was organised by Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) in connection with the Annual Review Meeting in April 2013. All project coordinators and project accountants of on-going RCP projects in Vietnam were invited. The workshop was be held in Hanoi on April 15 and 16, 2013. The workshop was facilitated by Ms Anne Christensen (DFC Director) and Ms Pernille Friis (DFC Project Administrator).

The workshop introduced the formal requirement to the projects in terms of good administrative and financial practices. Also, a special focus was on the introduction of a template accounting manual. The preparation of an accounting manual (using DFC’s template) is a precondition for further/new disbursements to the projects.

First of all, Ms. Anne and Pernille informed widely to all the project about the change in (P)RCP Program's name. From now on, all the (P)RCP projects will be called South Driven Development Research Project. Also, as the partnership with the Danish research partners is in itself an objective of the south driven development research program, the key to a balanced and successful research partnership was also emphasized in this workshop during the group discussion about "Leadership challenges and partnership challenges".

In the afternoon of the 15th, 2013, all the matter relating to financial management was discussed between DFC agent, Ms. Anne and Ms. Pernille, and all 5 Projects Management Board. It was emphasized that the element of project: transparency, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency are to be followed. Furthermore, another new condition for all projects under South Driven Development Research Projects from this year was indicated. A Project Accounting Manual should be built and applied from the beginning for new project, and as soon as possible for the on-going project.

Participating this workshop, together with 4 other projects under the (P)RCP under the (P)RCP program, ICA project team had 3 members involving Dr. Phan Thi Van, Project Director, Mr. Nguyen Huu Nghia - Project Research Coordinator and Ms. Pham Thuy Duong -Project Secretary & Com. Officer.

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