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Study on perception/behavior of shrimp farmer on the use of drugs and chemicals in aquaculture (01/08/2014)

In May and June 2014, Ms. Tran Thi Kim Chi, PhD fellows and Project staffs conducted a research “Study on perception/behavior of shrimp farmer on the use of drugs and chemicals in aquaculture” in 2 provinces: Nghe An and Quang Ninh.

Research team had in-depth individual interviews and focus group discussions with farm owners and workers employed of shrimp farm. Average of each focus group discussions ranging from 8-12 people, and in-depth interviews were conducted directly to farm owner and worker in shrimp farms or at their home.

In Nghe An, research team has conducted research in two districts: Quynh Luu and Nghi Loc. Total of 82 workers and farm owners participated in eight group discussions.

In Quang Ninh province, study has conducted in Mong Cai city and Quang Yen town which had 39 participants in four discussed groups and 17 farm owner was directly participated for in-depth interviews.

The study results revealed that farmers in Quynh Luu - Nghe An usually use the company's products as CP Vietnam, UV ... Meanwhile, farmers  in Mong Cai city - Quang Ninh mainly use of Chinese products, because of the product's labels are written Chinese language so the way how to use and dosage of products are guided by Chinese drug sellers. Mainly farmers in the two both provinces use of products by their own experience and experience sharing experience to each other. Thus, assure dosage and duration of use is limited because they have not got specific instructions from any organize on how to use products in shrimp farming. Farmer's understanding of antibiotics was false such as most farmers said that antibiotics are mainly used in disease prevention or an antibiotic that can treat many diseases…

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