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First fieldtrip to Quang Ninh (24/04/2012)

In March, the first fieldtrip to Quang Ninh one of the three target provinces has been organized. Participating in this fieldtrip, there were Dr. Dr. Phan Thi Van, National Project Director; Mr. Nguyen Huu Nghia, Research Coordinator and GIS and Fisheries resource specialist; Mr. Mai Van Tai, researcher partners, Director of Center for Environment and Disease Monitoring in Aquaculture (CEDMA), Environment and Livelihood stage; Dr. Dang Thi Lua, researcher partner, Vice-Director of CEDMA, involve in Disease stage; and other Project staffs. The main objectives of this fieldtrip were to identify contact person who will involve project activities at each of the three provinces; to identify source of data; to choose agriculture species and areas doing research and to choose MSc candidates.

In Quang Ninh, the project staffs and research partners have been welcomed by representatives of local authority, Mr. Luu Van Dan-Deputy Head of Agriculture Section and Mr. Dang Dinh Nham – Head of Environment Section, Agriculture Department. Dr. Phan Thi Van, on behalf of fieldtrip team, had a presentation of project information and the objectives of this fieldtrip. Mr. Luu Van Dan, in turn, has appreciated the project for selecting Quang Ninh as one of target provinces and been very confident of the contribution of ICA project’s output to the sustainable development of local aquaculture. Moreover, according to him, the authorities of Quang Ninh Department of Agriculture, for its function and mandates, also have been interested in GIS modeling to predict the future impacts of climate change and mitigation measures of climate change for major aquaculture systems.

The local authorities have suggested Ms. Dang Thi Vy, researcher of Environment Section to be the contact person between ICA project and local. As an active and responsible person, hopefully Ms. Vy would have great time working with other project staffs. White leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in Mong Cai and Tilapia in Dong Trieu and Yen Hung have been chosen to be the culture species and areas. GIS adapting models will be discussed further in the next fieldtrips.



Source of data that could be accessed involved the base map belonging to Quang Ninh Department of Science and Technology, data relating to GIS map in some aquaculture area belonging to Quang Ninh Department of aquaculture and other. Besides, in accordance with the Project Decision on funding 03 MSc scholarship studying in Vietnam from the three target province, Quang Ninh Department of Agriculture and rural development has nominated Mr. Mr. Luu Van Dan for the MSc candidate with the plan program to be MSc of agriculture, studying at University of Agriculture Hanoi, campus RIA1.

The fieldtrip to Quang Ninh has been organized well, achieved the outcome as planned.

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