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The 2nd International Conference on Climate Change & Social Issue attendance (31/01/2013)

The 2nd International Conference on Climate Change & Social Issues 2012 (CCSI 2012) was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 28th - 29th November, 2012. Three people from ICA project participated in the conference, Mr. Nguyen Huu Nghia, Project Research Coordinator, Mr. Nguyen Van Nhiem and Mr. Do Ngoc Khanh Truong, technical staffs.The CCSI 2012 offered a valuable opportunity to network with colleagues, scientists and experts in climate change and social issues who share the same goals but come from many countries: Malaysia, England, Indian, Bangladesh, Australia, Hong Kong, Iran and Philippines.

There were more than 35 presenters covering: Climate Change and Gender Issues; Climate Change Impacts on Human Health; Adaptation to Climate Change - Research from Timor Lester and Philippines; Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Food Security and Climate Change and the Natural, Built Environment.

In the conference, posters presentation containing information about ICA projects involving project objectives, methods and expected results, attracted a number of participants. Also, at the conference, the project team gained knowledge and experience about impact of climate change and social, environment issues, which will help provide a platform to establish relationships and join networks in Asian local and the world.

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