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Fieldtrip to Nghe An for GIS information (12/09/2012)

From 23rd July to 02nd August 2012, a research team of ICA project carried out the fieldtrip to Nghe An in order to: Collect spatial and non-spatial data for the GIS system and to survey main aquaculture areas then propose pilot areas for further studies within framework of the project.

The survey team included two technical staffs of the project, Mr. Nguyen Van Nhiem and Mr. Do Ngoc Khanh Truong. They have been welcomed and worked with Department of Aquaculture Nghe An. Representing the local authorities, Mr. Tran Xuan Hoc, Head of Department of Aquaculture Nghe An, recommended some main aquaculture area in brackish water for data collecting, such as: Hung Hoa district, Vinh City; Quynh Bang, Quynh Xuan, Mai Hung, Quynh Thuan and Trinh Mon farm in Quynh Luu district; Dien Trung, Dien Chau district; Nghi Hop, Nghi Loc district.   


The processsing of data collection involve: The staff worked with Aquaculture Department and collected data related to aquaculture activities in Nghe An province. After that, under the recommendations of Aquaculture Department the survey team go to direct each commune, districts, key farming areas to interview farmers and locate the position of important breeding areas.


For the objective 1: As the map of aquaculture status and planning maps are under construction, the survey team will keep in touch with the Department of Aquaculture in Nghe An to collect these maps later. The maps of land use planning were collected, but they are contained only graphic information without spatial data.

For the objective 2: 4 aquaculture areas were surveyed including: Quynh Bang, Quynh Xuan, Mai Hung, Quynh Thuan, Trinh Mon Farm - Quynh Luu District as representatives for white-leg shrimp and clamp culture; Dien Trung - Dien Chau District and Nghi Hop - Nghi Loc District as representatives for white-leg shrimp culture; Hung Hoa - Vinh City as a representative for tiger shrimp and white-leg shrimp culture.

During the fieldtrip, the technical staffs got an overview of aquaculture status of some main aquaculture areas in Nghe An. Besides, the surveyed team also established the connection with the local authorities in district-level, this will help to build the pilot models in Nghe An later.

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