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Fieldtrip to Quang Ninh for GIS Information 7-2012 (02/11/2012)

From 17th July to 30th July 2012, a research team of ICA project carried out the fieldtrip to Quang Ninh in order to: Collect spatial and non-spatial data for the GIS system; to survey main aquaculture areas then propose pilot areas for further studies within framework of the project; to collect information for project's communication activities.

Participating the survey team. there are Mr. Nguyen Huu Nghia, Project Research Coordinator, Mr. Nguyen Văn Khanh, technical staff, Ms. Pham Thuy Duong, communication officer. They have been welcomed and worked with Department of Aquaculture Nghe An. Representing the local authorities, Mr. Luu Van Dan, Head of Department of Aquaculture Nghe An, recommended some main aquaculture area in brackish water for data collecting, such as: Quang Yen town, Mong Cai town, Dong Trieu district.



The processsing of data collection involve: The staff worked with Aquaculture Department and collected data related to aquaculture activities in Quang Ninh province. After that, under the recommendations of Aquaculture Department the survey team go to direct each commune, districts, key farming areas to interview farmers and locate the position of important breeding areas. Furthermore, the survey team also went to Van Don district, as it has the second greatest aquaculture area as well as the total production in the province.

For the objective 1: the aquaculture status and planning maps in province built in 2010 on current distribution and location of aquaculture areas and planning to 2020 are collected. While in districts scale, some aquaculture development plans maps including Quang Yen, Mong Cai, Van Don, Ha Long, at scale 1:10,000 were also collected in Mapinfo, Autocad format soft copy and hard copy. Although some districts have maps with very detail on culture area for each plan region, it is not uniform for all. In addition, the maps at district level mostly display graphic information without non-spartial data.

For the objective 2: 4 aquaculture areas were surveyed including: Quang Yen town, representing for semi-intensive culture for whiteleg-shrimp; Mong Cai town, representing for intensive culture for whiteleg-shrimp; Dong Trieu district, representing for extensive culture for freshwater and Van Don district for marine farm.

For the objective 3: The aquaculture farmers were interviewed their knowledge relating to their aquaculture status, disease and climate change, their opinion about impacts of climate change, their preference in workshop organization, their way to communicate with other farmers.

During the fieldtrip, the technical staffs got an overview of aquaculture status of some main aquaculture areas in Quang Ninh. Besides, the surveyed team also established the connection with the local authorities in district-level, this will help to build the pilot models in Quang Ninh later.

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