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Fieldtrip to major aquaculture areas in Quang Ninh province (26/04/2013)

After the fieldtrip in 07/2012, in 02/2013 a research team of ICA project carried out a survey in Quang Ninh province to have an overview of aquaculture areas; generally evaluate natural feature of aquaculture areas; understand the advantages and disadvantages of local authority in managing activities as well as of farmer in aquaculture and to assess the impact of vary economical activities to aquaculture.

                                                Interview with aquaculture farmers in Quang Ninh

The survey team has been welcomed and worked with Department of Aquaculture Quang Ninh. Through proposing of Department of Aquaculture Quang Ninh, the survey team has worked with local authorities and interviewed some farmers who related to aquaculture in three types of aquaculture. There were sea water aquaculture in Van Don district; brackish water aquaculture in Ha An, Tan An, Hoang Tan, Minh Thanh, Quang Yen County town, Quang Yen district; fresh water aquaculture in Hong Phong, Kim Son, Hong Que, Đong Trieu district.

                                                                                    Map of survey points

Through the fieldtrip, the research team had evaluated natural feature of aquaculture areas as well as the advantages and disadvantages of aquaculture in communities.

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